12th International Wheat Genetics Symposium


I would like to share with you the proceedings of the 12th International Wheat Genetics Symposium I attended recently in Yokohama Japan (www2.convention.co.jp/iwgs12/program.html). Below is a summary of European initiative described in one presentation, some of which are new. Do not hesitate to contact me should wish to have additional information about this meeting.

I take this opportunity to invite you to contribute to this blog with relevant  information on meetings/events that you attended recently.





EFRT project update


As most of you know, Pierre Fobert has been acting as Director of Research and Development for NRC's Aquatic and Crop Resources Development portfolio since February of this year. His assignment was recently extended for an extra three months (Nov 1) until a continuing Research Director is in place. 

To assist with the management of the EFRT project, Michele Loewen will act as Project Lead, effective August 6 and until Pierre can return to the project on a full-time basis.  He will continue to be responsible for his EFRT research activities. 


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