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  1. Tools

    This page will be about tools. ...

    Basic Page - chad - 2013-04-17

  2. Implementing Tools for the Canadian Wheat Alliance Portal

    The Canadian Wheat Alliance portal is a collection of sotware used to manage data and information related to the Canadian Wheat Alliance. A key component of the portal is the Content Management System (CMS).

    Basic Page - chad - 2013-06-27

  3. CWA Open House 2016

    March 16, 2016 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ...

    Basic Page (Non Panelized) - clarade - 2016-12-15

  4. Strategic research areas

    The Canadian Wheat Alliance's primary research areas and their impacts for the Canadian wheat industry are described below:

    Basic Page (Non Panelized) - clarade - 2015-09-04

  5. Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance

    ... water stress tolerance by modern genetical-genomics tools Investigation of specific candidate genes affecting water use (WU) ...

    Basic Page - cindy - 2013-11-18

  6. Youlian Pan

    ... been generated and available in literature. Computational tools associated with high-throughput technologies offer new venues into mining ... that integrates with a set of automated web data mining tools and mathematical models to enable researchers and agriculture-industries ...

    2014 Science Meeting Registrant - chad - 2014-03-05

  7. 12th International Wheat Genetics Symposium

    ... Genetics and physiology of wheat development to flowering: Tools to breed for improved adaptation and yield potential. The overall ... project is the timely delivery of knowledge, variation and tools to breeding programmes for developmental attributes of wheat that will ...

    Blog Post - faouzi - 2013-09-26

  8. About the Wheat Flagship

    Chad was here Introduction

    Basic Page - chad - 2013-04-29

  9. 3rd Canadian Wheat Symposium

    ... aerial imaging for wheat phenotyping to molecular breeding tools that improve the freezing tolerance in wheat. ...

    Basic Page (Non Panelized) - clarade - 2016-12-13

  10. Enhanced Fusarium and Rust Tolerance

    ... involved in microbial pathogen resistance, and develop tools for accelerated breeding of durable resistance against fusarium and rust. ...

    Basic Page - cindy - 2013-11-18