Genomics-Assisted Breeding

Genomics-Assisted Breeding


Objective:  To improve genomic resources to speed up gene discovery, novel trait identification and validation, and marker assisted breeding for all Canadian Wheat Alliance members.


  • Targeted chromosome sequencing
  • Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discovery
  • Development of high throughput SNP genotyping platforms
  • Next-generation marker discovery to enhance marker assisted selection
  • Increasing genetic diversity 


  • Reference chromosome sequences for enabling research in cold tolerance and Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance
  • Repository of SNP variation in Canadian bread and durum wheat
  • High throughput SNP genotyping platforms deployed for genome-wide selection strategies
  • Key genes responsible for durable resistance to wheat rusts and FHB
  • Genetic diversity introgressed into bread and durum wheat
  • Bioinformatics infrastructure established to support the genomics resources for all partners in the Canadian Wheat Alliance

 Impacts for the Canadian Wheat Industry: 

  • Speedier gene discovery, mapping and trait introgression
  • High throughput genotyping platforms to enhance gene deployment and selection efficiency in breeding programs
  • Identification and validation of next generation DNA markers and discovery of genes for improved expression of high-priority traits
  • User-friendly bioinformatic resources to integrate and query genealogical, phenotypic, and genotypic information  

Principal Investigators: