Beneficial Biotic Interactions

Beneficial Biotic Interactions


Objective:  To improve nutrient-use efficiency and plant health through understanding and managing relationships between beneficial microorganisms and wheat.


  • Assessment of the cpn60 gene for fungal metagenomics
  • Development of complementary high throughput sequencing approaches
  • Assessment of variation in ability of wheat cultivars to form beneficial biotic interactions (BBI)
  • Investigation of effects of glyphosate (herbicide), crop rotation and tillage on fusarium head blight diseases
  • Feasibility study of soil amendments by microalgae
  • Study of effects of fertilizer use on wheat-associated microbial communities


  • Enhanced methods and capacity for microbial profiling
  • Enhanced nutrient use efficiency (nitrogen and phosphorous)
  • Methods to identify productive soils for wheat
  • Improved soil management approaches for enhanced wheat yields

Impacts for Canadian Wheat Industry:

  • Low-input wheat
  • Healthy productive soils
  • Improved wheat disease management tools

Principal Investigators: