ADF CWA Approved Projects

ADF CWA Approved Projects

This note is to inform you about the ADF CWA funded projects.

The province of Saskatchewan, through its ADF program, has committed $5 million over five years to support incremental research and development activities directly related to CWA projects or objectives. Sixteen Letters of Intent (LOIs) from AAFC, NRC and UofS PIs were submitted to be considered for funding. The CWA management committee (MC) members reviewed the LOIs and seven were selected to move to a full proposal. The ADF Board approved four proposals among the seven proposals following the MC recommendation. The proposal PIs, projects title and budgets are:

  • P Fobert, C. Pozniak, R. DePauw, R. Knox, A. Laroche, H. Randhawa, A. Sharpe (NRC, AAFC, UofS/CDC, CIMMYT). Enhancing Fusarium and Rust Tolerance in Canadian Durum Wheat. Budget $1,500K over 5 years.
  • M Jordan, C McCartney, G Humphreys, A Sharpe (AAFC, NRC, Germany collaboration). Tools for effectively incorporating pre-harvest sprouting resistance in Canadian varieties. Budget $153K over 5 years.
  • B Fowler, K Tanino, A Sharpe, J Zou (UofS, NRC and Industrial and academic partners). Integration of the Canadian Wheat Alliance program with international cold tolerance projects. Budget $1,027K over 5 years.
  • A Ferrie, P Pollowick (NRC, collaboration with U of Minnesota). TALENS (transcription activator-like effector nuclease) for targeted genome modification Platform. Budget $110K over 1 year.

The total funds committed are approx. $2.8M. The remainder of the funding may be allocated in approximately one year. The exact process for allocating the remainder of the funds has not been decided yet.