Oral Presentations

  1. Flatman,L.K.,Feurtado,J.A.,Huang,D.,Cutler,A.J. Silence of the Genes: Candidate enes for wax production in wheat. Presentation at U of Victoria Co-Op students and supervisors from Biochemistry and Microbiology
  2. Ferrie, A.M.R.,Eudes, F. Accelerating the wheat  breeding process by double haploidy. Canadian Wheat Symposium June 08-11,2014 Saskatoon
  3. Konkin,D.J.F.,Koh,C.,Clarke,C.,Pozniak,C.J.,Ouellet,T.,Sharpe,A.G. Improving the genome survey sequence reference for Chinese Spring. 2015 Annual Science and Business Meeting July 14-16,2015


  1. Kagale,S.,Koh,C.,Clarke,W.E.,Bollina,V.,Parkin,I.A.P.,Sharpe,A.G. Analysis of Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS) Data. Methods Molecular Biology. 2016;1374:269-84
  2. Buhrow,L.,Loewen,M. Identification of an attenuated barley stripe mosaic virus for the virus-induced gene silencing of pathogenesis-related wheat  genes. Plant Methods. 2016:2;12:12
  3. Li,Q.,Zheng,Q.,Shen,W.,Fowler ,D.B.,WeiY.,Zou,J. Understanding the biochemical basis of temperature induced lipid pathway adjustments in plants. Plant Cell. 2015 Jan; 27(1):86-103.

The Gordon Research Conference on Membrane Transport Proteins

The 9th Gordon Research Conference on Membrane Transport Proteins will be held in West Dover, VT from July 13-18, 2014. The focus of the conference is membrane transport proteins with particular emphasis on their Structure, Function, Physiology, and Targets in Disease. Membrane transport proteins from both plants and pathogens are being studied for their involvement in plant-pathogen interactions and disease resistance. These membrane proteins are increasingly becoming important targets for plant breeding programs.


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