Growing Ideas

Growing ideas have ignited an exciting program of keynote speakers, as well as short oral and poster presentations at this 2016 joint conference. Each meeting will provide a forum for researchers, producers, consumers, industry and regulators to discuss the latest Canadian and international progress on solving the problems caused by Fusarium species in cereal crops (8th Canadian Workshop on Fusarium Head Blight) and in wheat research (3rd Canadian Wheat Symposium). The latest scientific discoveries and current affairs related to FHB and wheat will be highlighted with the aim to foster collaborative action plans to deal with impeding economic, social and health, and safety impacts.

November 20 – 22: The 8th Canadian Workshop on Fusarium Head Blight will highlight the exciting recent developments in breeding for resistance in cereal crops, genomics and genetics of host and pathogen, mycotoxin detection, epidemiology and disease management.

November 22 – 25: The 3rd Canadian Wheat Symposium will address global issues such as the importance of wheat in feeding the growing world population and in the context of climate change. Topics related to the restructuration of the industry and intellectual properties will be discussed in panel format. Recent advances in research will be presented and much more.

Plan to join us in November in Ottawa!