Enhanced Fusarium and Rust Tolerance

Enhanced Fusarium and Rust Tolerance


Objective:  To characterize genes, proteins and metabolites involved in microbial pathogen resistance, and develop tools for accelerated breeding of durable resistance against fusarium and rust.


  • Pathogen genomics
  • Genetic, genomics and metabolomics of known and novel sources of resistance
  • Biochemical analysis of cloned resistance genes
  • Bioinformatics and computational modeling
  • Chemical priming
  • Validation of candidate genes and pathways


  • Novel rust resistance genes and Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) priming metabolite targets
  • Germplasm with FHB resistance
  • DNA and metabolite markers for novel sources of FHB resistance
  • Preliminary rational rust/FHB breeding data integrated with ongoing target identification for optimization of variety development
  • Higher yielding genotypes with superior type I FHB resistance
  • Characterization of novel chemicals that prime wheat for FHB resistance

 Impacts for Canadian Wheat Industry:

  •  Rapid deployment of diverse and effective resistance genes and identification of desired lines.

Principal Investigators: