Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

I would like to use this forum to communicate updates on the Wheat Program.  You are also invited to contribute with relevant information to this blog.  Please note our Terms of Use.

Cindy Goldberg (Communication Advisor) will be monitoring the extranet to ensure the posted information is relevant to the program.

About CWA

The Canadian Wheat Alliance (CWA) program was officially approved on September 6, 2012 following the signing of the agreement with our partners: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), the University of Saskatchewan/Crop Development Centre (UofS/CDC) and the Province of Saskatchewan.

The program was officially announced on May 16, 2013.

The program duration is 11 years with  the first six projects approved for 4.5 years.

In this first post, I would like to introduce the first approved six projects and CWA governance structure.

CWA projects. The six projects and the project leaders are:

•      Genomics Assisted Breeding project (GAB): Andrew Sharpe NRC (Project Leader)

•      Wheat Improvement Through Cell Culture project (WICT): Alison Ferrie, NRC (Project Leader)

•      Enhancing Fusarium and Rust Tolerance project (EFRT): Pierre Fobert, NRC (Project Leader)

•      Abiotic stress project: Jitao Zou, NRC (Project Leader)

•      Development project: Raju Datla, NRC (Project Leader)

•      Beneficial and Biotic Interaction project (BBI): Sean M. Hemmingsen, NRC (Project Leader)

The governance and management consist of a Steering Committee (SC) and a Management Committee (MC). The CWA projects will be managed by the Scientific Management Committee. Other working groups or subcommittees are formed as needed to assist in dealing with specific tasks.

Nicholas Ignatieff (Project Manager) and Linda Laroque (Project Coordinator) work closely with the project leaders and the rest of the wheat program team to manage the projects.

CWA Steering Committee.  Recognizing that Alliance members must be aligned on crucial strategic decisions, that the strategic direction of the research may change over the course of the Alliance, and the need for continued organizational commitment, members have established a Steering Committee to provide strategic advice to enable long‐term decision making, and to review and assess progress on CWA Activity. The CWA SC members are:

  • AAFC: Siddika Mithani (ADM)
  • NRC: Roman Szumski (VP)
  • Province of SK: Alana Koch (DM) or Jerome Konecsni (CEO, Innovation SK)
  • UofS/CDC: Karen Chad (VP Research)

Management Committee.  To ensure ongoing operations are managed effectively and that optimal integration and synergies are achieved, a Management Committee, which reports to the Steering Committee, has been established to ensure: Project Plans are appropriate for achieving CWA objectives; the resources committed by Alliance members are aligned to, and focused on, the CWA objectives; there is effective integration of activities within and among the CWA Projects; the necessary access to each other’s facilities and exchange of materials and information is facilitated;and any impediments to effective collaboration are resolved.

The CWA MC members are:

  • AAFC: Steve Morgan-Jones (Director General), George Clayton (Director)
  • NRC: Faouzi Bekkaoui (Executive Director), Donna Viger (VP Executive Advisor)
  • Province of SK: Abdul Jalil (Director), Jerome Konecsni (CEO, Innovation SK)
  • UofS/CDC: Kofi Agblor (Managing Director), Graham Scoles (Associate Dean)

In the next post, I will describe the ADF incremental funding initiative.  Do not hesitate to use this forum for a question or a contribution. You may also wish to contact directly the project leaders, project coordinators or me.